Package 2 – Jakarta City Tour (8 Hours)

Duration: 8 Hours

60 USD / Participant

Tour starts in the morning

Activities and Facilities:

  1. Transportation from and to hotel / airport / port in Jakarta
  2. Merdeka Square: Merdeka Square (Indonesian: Medan Merdeka or Lapangan Merdeka) is a large square located in the center of Jakarta, Indonesia. Measuring one square kilometer in area, if the surrounding fields within the Merdeka Square are included, it is considered the largest square in the world or one of the largest. At 75 hectares, it is over five times the size of Tiananmen Square in Beijing, and 12 times the size of Place de la Concorde in Paris.
  3. National Monument: Indonesia National Monument or what Indonesian people usually call as Monas is a monument built to remember the struggle of Indonesian heroes fighting the colonial domination. The top of National Monument shaped like a flame, symbolizing a never extinguished spirit of Indonesian people. The flame was made of bronze medal which weight was 14.5 ton, and was plated with 35 kg gold.
  4. Jakarta Cathedral: Jakarta Cathedral (Indonesian: Gereja Katedral Jakarta) is a Roman Catholic Cathedral in Jakarta, Indonesia, which is also the seat of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Jakarta, currently Archbishop Ignatius Suharyo Hardjoatmodjo. This current cathedral was consecrated in 1901 and built in the neo-gothic style, a common architectural style to build churches at that time. The Jakarta Cathedral is located in Central Jakarta near Merdeka Square and Merdeka Palace, it stands right in the front of the Istiqlal Mosque.
  5. Istiqlal Mosque: Istiqlal Mosque, or Masjid Istiqlal, (Independence Mosque) in Jakarta, Indonesia is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. This national mosque of Indonesia was built to commemorate Indonesian independence and named “Istiqlal”, an Arabic word for “independence”. The mosque was opened to the public 22 February 1978.
  6. Presidential Palace: The Merdeka Palace, is one of six presidential palaces in Indonesia. It is located on the north side of the Merdeka Square in Central Jakarta, Indonesia and is used as the official residence of the President of the Republic of Indonesia.
  7. National Museum: The National Museum, also known as Museum Gajah or Elephant Museum, holds the largest collection of Indonesia pre-Dutch colonization and cultural historical items. Museum Gajah derived its name from an Elephant statue, which is the symbol of this museum. This Elephant Statue is a present from King Chulalonkorn of Thailand (Siam) to the Dutch Government in Batavia (Jakarta) in 1871. This statue now stands in front of National Museum.
  8. Old Town: Old Town or Kota Tua Jakarta (“Jakarta Old Town”), officially known as Kota Tua is a neighborhood comprising the original downtown area of Jakarta, Indonesia. Kota Tua is a remainder of Oud Batavia (Dutch “Old Batavia”), the first walled settlement of the Dutch in Jakarta area. The area gained importance during the 17th-19th century when it was established as the de facto capital of the Dutch East Indies.
  9. Jakarta History Museum: The Jakarta History Museum, also known as Batavia Museum was built in 1710 as the Stadhuis (city hall) of Jakarta (Batavia). The Museum opened in 1974, displays objects from the prehistory period of the city region, the founding of Jayakarta in 1527, and through the Dutch colonization period from the 16th century until Indonesia’s Independence in 1945.
  10. Downtown city tour: Sightseeing the capital and largest city of Indonesia.





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* Schedule can be changed and does not bind, can be accustomed to what participants want, which is adapted to conditions, and also the itinerary may change anytime depends on provisions of the committee.

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